Every person in the world dreams about having an own house. Every entrepreneur dreams about having an own office. It is not just about raising walls and roof. A building resembles the artistic interests and passions of a person. Detailed planning of interior decorations is equally important as exterior design and probably requires more effort than planning exterior. One of the key decision is about flooring and worktops, and it is where natural stones come into play.

Natural stones obtained from the rocks are formed naturally by hardening of earth’s crust. Stones are inherent part of every civilization in one way or another. As a natural product, it is completely eco-friendly. Attractive and unique designs, environment friendly attributes, durability, aesthetic beauty, easy maintenance, combined with modern technology to obtain desirable finish entice people to opt for natural stones for the interiors. Natural stones provide an exquisite look and grandeur feel to any building.

India, having a vast landmass combined with rich soil types, is gifted with wide spectrum of natural stones. Indian architectural heritage is a paradigm of natural stones’ gamut in India. India is the leading exporter of natural stones and it is the second largest earner of foreign exchange in minerals category. Natural stones of Indian origin triggers awe and respect among world stone lovers. Among the Indian states, Rajasthan leads the export of natural stones from front. Recent surge in stone exports from India, is owed to the growth of quarrying and processing units in Rajasthan.

Infinity Exim Ventures is in the city of Udaipur, popular for its historic forts, temples, palaces. Natural stone processing is one of the key drivers of Udaipur economy. We at Infinity exim ventures, strive hard to supply quality, innovative stone products with intricate masonry. With the help of skilled stone masons, we carve premium quality stones to bring elegance and magnificence to any buildings and give utmost satisfaction to our clients.