Marble is formed when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure and undergoes metamorphism reaction.  Calcite, initially formed by lithified fossil materials, recrystallizes during the metamorphic activity to change the texture of the rock. Low hardness levels of marble makes it easier to sculpt, thereby making it perfect choice for sculptures and monuments like Taj Mahal. Marble stone is mainly used for flooring and is polished multiple times to make it smooth and shining. When properly finished, it transforms into adorable floor design.

There are three main types of finishing style in marble flooring

Polished – Typically found in lobbies of hotels, big halls like auditorium, marbles are polished to have shiny look. Polishing is done even to the extent of having reflection.

Honed – It is also a type of polished finish to provide smooth, matte finish to the floors. It is less reflective and anti-slippery finish.

Sanded – It is mixing sand with marble stone to get an antique, rural look to the floors.